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Your car’s engine is a sophisticated piece of machinery, and it needs good clean fuel to run. Without a good fuel filter, your engine is at risk of receiving severe damage that will cost you serious time and money. With Doran Automotive, located in Newberg, Oregon, you can trust us to take care of your fuel filter and keep your car running efficiently.

What is a Fuel Filter For?

The gas in your car runs through the fuel filter as it moves towards the carburetor or fuel injector. This process is done to make sure no debris like sediment in the fuel can get into your engine. If this happens, it can cause damage to your engine. If the fuel filter is working correctly, it can keep this from happening. A clean filter can also keep your car running smoothly.

What Happens to a Fuel Filter Over Time?

With any filter, age and use will build excessive pollutants like dirt, grime, and various particles on the filter. This will reduce the filters ability to do its job, and cause more strain for the fuel pump. It isn’t a bad thing that these contaminants get picked up. The fuel filter collects these so that it doesn’t get into the engine. Over time though, the dirt and grime can become excessive, and the fuel pump can’t get fuel to the engine as easily, which can result in a failed system.

How Can I Tell I Need to Change the Fuel Filter

You really can’t. Being able to tell when you need a new fuel filter based on performance is not easy when it comes to more modern models as opposed to older models with carburetors. The fuel pressure can get up to 60 psi. So, if there is any debris on your fuel filter, the fuel will be forced around it by the fuel pump. If this continues to happen, it can be a problem, and it can be undetectable for a while. As the debris builds up, your fuel pump has to work harder and harder, which will result in overheating and eventual failure. When

How often do Fuel Filters Need to be replaced?

Fuel Filters may require replacement for a number of reasons. Some manufacturers recommend changes between 20,000-30,000 miles all the way up to 150,000 miles. Although it is not commonly suggested as regular maintenance, it may be a cause for issues such as loss of power, hard starts, and similar problems. Checking your user manual will help you to understand when a replacement may be needed.

Doran Automotive is Your Automotive Experts for Fuel Filters

Our technicians are experts, and can filter through what your car needs and make it run the way it should! Old or broken filters can cause your vehicle to lose performance capabilities and even get damaged! So why wait? Schedule an appointment with Doran Automotive in Newberg, Oregon at (503)-926-6880 or visit our website http://doranautomotive.com/ to put in a service request, and we can keep your car running smoothly.


Replacing a fuel filter isn’t listed as a regular maintenance item on most vehicles, and in those cases, it generally doesn’t need attention unless it’s diagnosed as the cause of hard starting, loss of power, hesitation or similar issues.

However, some car manufacturers, including Volkswagen, Subaru, and Mercedes-Benz, recommend periodic replacement of the fuel filter. VW, for example, says to replace it every 20,000 miles on many current models, and Subaru says you should install a new one every 60,000 miles. Mercedes used to recommend replacing a new filter every 30,000 miles commonly, but most current models say to change it every 150,000 miles or 15 years.


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