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At Doran Automotive, we provide Vehicle Maintenance & Repair at honest and affordable rates. As a family business, we make sure every service we provide is met with speedy and trustworthy results.


Secrets Behind a Check Engine Light

This in-depth video gives you the common reasons why your check engine light may turn on. Learn why and when your car should be serviced when seeing your check engine light. A check engine light may result in a failure with the evaporative emission system, fuel system, a loose gas cap, oxygen sensors, or your catalytic converter, among others.


Secrets Behind an Oil Change

This in-depth video gives you the what, why, when, and how behind the process of changing your vehicle’s oil. Oil changes are when of the best routine services to help your car run at optimal health. At Doran Automotive we recommend to do so every 3000 miles, watch this video to hear our explanation.


Best Maintenance Advice From A Mechanic – Why Get An Oil Change

Oil Changes keep your vehicle running efficiently and optimally.

Here we answer:

-Is it just a way to make money for a shop?

– What are the effects of not having regular oil changes?

– I don’t drive very much each year, how often should I get my oil changed?

2002 Ford Focus Fuel Pumps

Jesse from Doran Automotive discusses common reasons why your Fuel Pump could need to be Replaced and what standard maintenance should be performed.