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Your car is a valuable and powerful machine that burns air and fuel that produces heat and friction. If your radiator and cooling system aren’t working, then your engine could overheat to dangerous levels. With Doran Automotive, located in Newberg, Oregon, you can trust us to keep your engine running cool and correctly.

What is a Radiator?

Engines burn fuel and create friction. This results in a hot environment, and the radiator plays an essential part in keeping your engine cool and running at a safe temperature. When the engine begins to warm up after you start it, the thermostat opens up and allows coolant to flow through the engine. This liquid then travels around the engine picking up the heat caused by burned fuel and friction. It then moves back to the radiator and cools down with the assistance of a fan and the air that flows through
your grill when you are moving forward. By the time the coolant has traveled through the radiator, it is cool enough to begin the process once again.

What Causes A Radiator to Stop Functioning?

If you detect a scent that is sweet and you see blue, red, green, orange, or pink liquid dripping out, then you have a coolant leak. Another common problem your radiator may have is leaking. It can be difficult to determine where the leak is coming from. There could be a leak anywhere within the cooling system. There may not be enough coolant in your system due to a leak or breach in the system. If you look under your car and see fluid dripping down, then you will want to have it checked right away.

The thermostat is a restriction in the path of the coolant that stays closed until the engine comes up to operating temperature, then opens, allowing coolant flow. If this device isn’t working, your coolant will not flow the way that it should.


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