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After a long day of work and wanting to drive home, you want your car to start and keep running to get you there. If your starter and alternator aren’t working, you could get stranded. With Doran Automotive, located in Newberg, Oregon, you can be sure that you can start your car and keep it running.

What is a Starter?

A starter is an electrical motor that spins the engine during the cranking phase. Basically, it is what starts your engine. During this time, the fuel/ air mixture enters the engine, allowing the engine to continue to run unassisted.

If the starter/alternator are underperforming, you may have
a problem. If they stop working altogether, you won’t be able to start your vehicle.

What Are Signs of a Bad Starter?

Clicking Noises
If your car won’t start and it makes a clicking sound while you turn your key.

Lights but No Engine
Your car lights turn on, but your engine won’t start.

Failure to Jump Start
Attempting to jump-start your car, and you still can’t get your engine to start.

What is an Alternator?

The alternator is a belt-driven piece of machinery and one of the main parts of your car’s electrical system. It converts kinetic energy into electricity, which is sent to various
electrical devices including the battery. This (generated) electricity recharges what the battery lost when starting the car or powering electrical components like lights or radios without the engine running.

What are signs of a bad alternator?

Slow Engine Turnover
The engine turns over slowly or does not turn over at all. (This is the
most common problem)

Warning Lights on your Dash
If the battery light on your dash lights up, or if it says “ALT” or “GEN.”

If your lights are dimmer than they should be, or the lights on your dashboard don’t light up as bright as they should.

Burning Rubber Smell
Your alternator is connected to the belts on your engine. The rubber burning smell comes when an alternator bearing seizes (locks into place), and the engine continues to turn the belt. The belt slips over
the surface of the (frozen) pulley and begins to burn up due to friction.

Grinding Noises
The alternator spins to generate power. If this doesn’t work correctly, then it may make a grinding or whining noise.

Failure to Keep Running
If you start your engine after a jump start, but it dies shortly after, this is a pretty good indicator that your alternator is the source of the problem.

Jump-starting modern cars can cause problems, even a tiny spark when hooking up cables can destroy an alternator or other microelectronics. Some people try to put off changing a failed alternator due to the cost of repair. A charged battery will only run the car until the stored energy has been depleted ( less than one day usually), then a Tow truck charge could be added to the cost of repair.

Alternator and Starter Expertise

The alternator and starter are the specific pieces of equipment used to start and keep your car running. If these don’t function, then you can’t go anywhere.

If you discover any of these symptoms for your car, don’t hesitate. Schedule an appointment with Doran Automotive in Newberg, Oregon at (503)-926-6880. Or you can put in a service request at http://doranautomotive.com/. Our experienced and honest technicians will be happy to help you at an affordable price. We look forward to hearing from you!


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